The Baptist Collection

*Selected art and artifacts are regularly on display in the VBHS Gallery.

Since the 19th century, the Virginia Baptist Historical Society has served as the trusted repository of Virginia Baptist churches (especially, but not limited to the Baptist General Association of Virginia). A significant emphasis is the Baptists’ role in securing full religious liberty for those of all faiths and none. Extensive congregational records and personal papers from the late 18th c. to the present provide unparalleled insights into the views, relationships, and actions of Baptists and their institutions in Virginia and beyond. These materials include:

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Church and Associational Records

  • Over 500 congregations represented (from 1762)
  • Associational Records and Annuals of Virginia Baptists
  • Baptist General Association of Virginia Annuals (1823-present)

Manuscripts & Personal Papers

Biographical Files



More than 20,000 volumes with particular strengths including:

  • Histories of Local Churches
  • Baptist and Virginia Baptist History
  • Books by/about Virginia Baptists
  • Hymnals

Rare Books

The Religious Herald (from 1828) – weekly periodical of Virginia Baptists

Various Denominational Periodicals


The Virginia Baptist History Mural by Sidney E. King (35 panels, oil)

Portraits of Baptist Leaders

Fowler’s Paintings and Models of Historic Virginia Churches


Various articles including personal effects, furniture, missionary items related to or collected by Virginia Baptist individuals and organizations.


University Archives

The University of Richmond Archives is available to researchers by appointment and is administered by the Virginia Baptist Historical Society (VBHS). The focus of the University Archives (UA) is the history and culture of the University of Richmond; the contents of the collection reflect this emphasis. While complementary to one another, the Baptist Collection and University Archives remain separate and distinct collections.

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