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The Center for Baptist Heritage & Studies exists:

  • To support Baptist heritage and identity,
  • To provide educational opportunities related to Baptist distinctives, history and heritage,
  • To make available Baptist records and historical materials, and
  • To serve as a research center for undergraduates, other scholars, and local church historians.

Founded in 2000, the Center embodies a shared commitment to fulfill this mission, providing a vital educational component to the work of the VBHS in a nearly seamless partnership. This mission continues. The Center provides educational opportunities and lectures on issues related to the tradition, publishes various projects, including the work of emerging scholars, and assists churches in understanding their Baptist identity.

The Center stands as a distinct non-profit entity and is governed by a thirteen member Board of Directors, representing the ongoing partnership of its originating institutions: the Baptist General Association of Virginia, the University of Richmond, and the Virginia Baptist Historical Society.

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